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Grape: Grillo. Region: Italy> Sicily> Petrosino. Notes: Stainless steel tank. No oak.

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enotria-angelo grillo
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Grillo is an indigenous Italian white varietal originally from Puglia. The region is widely used in Sicilian wine making, in particular, for making Marsala. It produces a refreshing wine bursting with lemon and tropical fruit flavors. Pale reddish-brown soil rich in minerals known locally as “sciare” adds a good mineral component and texture to the joyous character. Smooth, casual, bright, this wine is eager to please a crowd at picnic or BBQ or friends at an everyday dining table. Food Pairing: Think about the Sicilian specialties: ripe tomato sauce, eggplant, shellfish, seafood pastas, salads, Mediterranean grilled seafood.

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