Chilean Cinsault 2021 Carter Mollenhauer "Aurora de Itata" 750ml

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Grape: 100% Cinsault. Region: Chile> Southern Chile> Itata> Guarilihue Alto. Notes: Organic, Natural farming, spontaneous fermentation, unfined, unfiltered, vegan-friendly.

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Product description

Description: Carter Maulenhauer is a boutique winery owned by Karine and her husband, Edgar Mollenhauer. They are known for their commitment to producing high-quality wine that reflect the unique terroir of the Itata region and they are particularly focused on working with traditional Chilean grape varieties such as Pais and Cinsault. The Cinsault in this bottling were planted between 1950 to 1955 (old vines). “Wine is made by and for the people. We are the fourth element of terroir next to the vines, the soil, and the climate. The permanent aspect of our work is the quality of the wine, ...... Without the human aspect, there is no terroir, and if Chile wants to make the world fall in love with its wines, we must go beyond just making good and correct wines. We must worry about transferring the character of the place and the people to the bottle."

The palate bursts with flavors of ripe red berries, including cherries, cranberries, and plums. Juicy and mouth-watering quality to the fruit flavors, accompanied by a flinty character and a captivating minerality.

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