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Spirit Style: Amaro. Strength: 24% AbV (48 proof). Region: Italy> Piedmont> Ghemme. Notes: Distillery Francoli, Aged in oak, certified carbon neutral distillery.

Italy, Piedmont
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Product description

Description: The Francoli family have been distilling since 1875 when Louis William Francoli first fired up a rudimentary still in his home in Valtellina. His descendants went on to establish their distillery in Ghemme in 1951. Distillerie Francoli remains to this day a family-owned-and-operated business. Long available only in Italy and small pockets in Europe, this delicious Amaro has finally made it to the United State for the first time ever. Made in Ghemme, Piedmont since the early 1960s, this bitter liqueur is made from an infusion of over a dozen botanicals including gentian root, wormwood, yarrow, nutmeg, anise, cinchona, rhubarb and more. Difford’s Guide describes its taste as “perfectly balanced” and awarded it the rare distinction of FIVE STARS +.

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