Vespaiolo 2022 Contra Soarda "Bassano del Grappa" 750ml

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Grapes: Vespaiolo. Region: Italy> Veneto. Notes: Organic, Indigenous grape of Veneto.

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Description:  Vespaiolo creates a wonderful yet unique wine. These grapes were always attracting “Vespa,” meaning wasp, so the grapes were named Vespaiolo. Aromas of jasmine and lavender after aeration. On the palate, intense ripe green plum and limestone characteristic with good balanced acidity and light tannin keeps it dry but round. Another layer of dried honey and lemon will reveal itself as it matures. This is a beautiful spring/summer wine that continues to develop through age and aeration (decanting). Great wine in the garden or among friends overlooking the park.
Food Pairing: Brunch food, salads, fruit, pear/ apple tarts, Goat cheese, veggies w/ cream sauces, by itself, etc.

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