Sangue di Giuda 2022 Bruno Verdi “Vigna Paradiso” 750ml

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Grape: 65% Croatina, 20% Uva Rara and 15% Barbera. Region: Italy> Lombardy> Oltrepo Pavese. Notes: Hand harvest. Low alcohol.

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Description: Sangue di Giuda, literally “Blood of Judas,” is a sweet, mild, red wine with a fizz (called frizzante). Local legend has it that the name was given by friars, who disapproved of its stimulating and aphrodisiac effects. Intriguing sweet fruity aromas are reminiscent of spice cake. This unique red wine is made near Milan in the Oltrepo Pavese wine zone, with a blend of rare indigenous grapes, all harvested from the “Paradiso” vineyard. The low alcohol content means you can drink it in the middle of the afternoon and not worry about making bad decisions by dinner time.

Food pairing: Aperitif, spicy food – Cajun, Indian, Chinese; desserts, light lunch, cured meats, etc.

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