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Med-bodied, fruity. Grapes: Pinot Noir. Region: Germany> Pfalz> Herxheiber. Notes: Sustainable farming. Aged 9 months in neutral oak. Unfiltered.

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 Juicy with ripe sour cherry, silky light tannins. It begins with the elegance of Burgundy Pinot Noir but soon German masculinity reveals in the mid-palate with strong minerality and structures. The 13th century family farms 26-year-old vines on deep limestone soils with no herbicides, pesticides or synthetic chemicals. The familiy’s 11 hectare vineyards are surrounded by orange and almond trees in the surprisingly warm, temperate climate of Pfalz. Hand harvested grapes spend 9 months in large old oak barrels. Bottled without filtration. Food pairing: Versatile. game, red or white meats, sausages, ham, grilled/roasted veggies, mushroom dishes, etc.

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