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Grape: 100% Pedro Ximenez. Region: Spain> Andalusia> Montilla-Moriles. Note: Solera aging.

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Description: Alvear, founded in 1729, is one of the most prestigious wineries with international recognition from Andalusia. Pedro Ximenez (a grape varietal) is indigenous to the land and is the base of the famous sherries. Alvear cultivates these grapes on exceptionally chalky, porous soil. The Pedro Ximenez Solera 1927 is made by exposing the grapes to the sun once harvested. Sun-dried grapes, like raisins, create a dense and concentrated must after crushing. The wines are aged within a system known as Solera. The system allows the blending from several barrels that date back 200 years.

Mahogany color with accents of fig, dried apricot, and caramelized pecans. Sweet and viscous but balanced and not overly cloying on the finish. Excellent dessert wine.

Food Pairing: Pate de Campagne Terrines, Peanut Caramel Pretzel, Classic Chocolates, Brillat-Savarin Cheese, Bayley Hazen Blue, etc.

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