Vinho Verde Blanc 2023 Quinta da Raza 750ml

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Grapes: 50% Arinto, 35% Azal, 15% Trejadura. Region: Portugal> Minho> Celorico de Basto> Vinho Verde. Notes: Stainless steel fermentation, mineral-driven.

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Product description

Description: Quinta da Raza has a unique terroir created by the gentle slopes and the magnificent exposure to the sun. The soil benefits from its granite origins with areas of schist and clay. This is very unusual in Vinho Verde Region. It has a microclimate created by the mountains in the west and the valley of the Tamega river. This means that our vineyard is subject to more sun than perhaps other vineyards in the Vinho Verde Region, which are important factors for the development of the vines.

Food pairings: Tapas, seafood, veggies, fried calamari, crab, mussels, sardines, tomatoes salads, etc.

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