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Grape: 100% Glera. Region: Italy> Veneto D.O.C. Notes: Certified organic/ Biodynamic, charmat method, vegan-friendly.

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Product description

Description: Wild Nature expresses care and respect for the soil. Appreciating real terroir-driven wines and where they come from. Wild Nature has been pioneers in organic farming since 1974. Their bottles displays the wildlife inhabiting their estates, located in Venice and Verona provinces. The image of the pheasant on the bottle represents the proud and stylish "white collar" of the estate. The prosecco is produce in an area rich in agricultural history with a very particular soil: it is called “Caranto” and it has a pleistocene origin formed by sedimentary deposits, which gives the wine an extraordinary minerality. The proximity to the sea and its prevailing winds, as well as the temperature fluctuation between day and night, gives an intense aroma to the bunches on our vines. The first fermentation takes place after the grapes are pressed. The second fermentation takes place once the wine has been stabilized, using a Charmat method, and lasts at least 8 weeks, in order to obtain a fine perlage.

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