Slovenia Pinot Grigio 2022 Ptujsk Klet “Pullus” 750ml orangewine

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Grape: Pinot Grigio. Region: Slovenia>Styria. Notes: Elevage on fine lees with constant stirring for at least 4 months (sur lie method). Orange Wine.

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Description: Back to the winery shelves by popular demand, Pullus Pinot Grigio delights with intense aromatics, pleasant freshness, juiciness and a nice rounded body. This is an orange wine (referring to the darker-than-typical-white color); it boasts the quail eye color, which is typical of optimally macerated Pinot Grigios of this style. Upfront on the palate and the nose, intense pure varietal tones are expressed: ripe pear and other pomme/orchard fruits. On its finish it gently shows notes of nectarines and caramel. A few grams of residual sugar harmoniously connect with the acid to create a juicy drinkable glass. So distinctively fruitful that we can almost bite into it, the finish is long and creamy, which is the result of several months of stirring the fine lees in the “sur lie” method.

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