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Strength: 17% ABV (34 proof). Note: Serve Chilled.

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Product description

Description: Jean Prunier was a renowned cognac expert for a half century around 1700. By the 4th generation, Francois Prunier acquired vineyards in the Cognac district and the family started making very fine Cognac under the family name. After Alphonse Prunier died in 1918, Camille Prunier turned the operation over to her nephew Jean Burnez. Since then the Burnez family line has been the managing director and cellar master.

Pineau des Charentes (or Pineau) comes from the same area as Cognac: the Charente and Charentes-Maritime regions north of Bordeaux. It is a fortified wine made with unfermented grape juice, or a blend of unfermented grape must, with added Cognac eau-de-vie (the term for brandy that has not yet aged for the requisite number of years to be legally deemed “Cognac”). The technical name for this style of beverage is vin de liqueur, which is around the same alcoholic strength as Sherry or Port – between 16-22% ABV, with most Pineau des Charentes hovering around 17% ABV.

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