Legendario Domingo Mezcal Oaxaca Joven 750ml (96 proof)

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Strength: 48% ABV (96 proof). Mash Bill: 100% Maguey Espadin. Region: Mexico> Oaxaca> San Luis del Riu. Notes: Mezcalero Familia Velasco, double distilled in copper pot.

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Product description

Description: Legendario Domingo mezcal was founded in 2012 by Julian Saenger, born and raised in Mexico. Domingo Mezcal's highlights different mezcal producing regions of Mexico. Demonstrating exemplary distillation tradition from each region and emphasizing the differences in terroir. Purposefully emphasizing each region by accenting the terroir and capturing each agave varietal difference. The 100% Maguey Espadin is traditionally made by the Familia Velasco family in Oaxaca. The agave is sourced 900 meters above sea level and takes 8 to 9 years to mature. Cooking underground and using the horse and Tahona wheel to crush the agave pinãs and finally distilled in copper pot. This is a true classic Mezcal with aromas of smokey peppercorn and roasted agave character. The palate reveals a smooth, unctuous texture layered with smoked pepper, sweet agave paste, dried plantain, and a touch of field grass.

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