Legendario Domingo Mezcal Guerrero Joven 750ml (94 proof)

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Strength: 47% ABV (94 proof). Mash bill: 100% Papalote Agave (Cupreata). Region: Mexico> > Sinaloa> Guerrero> Mazatlan. Notes: Familia Obregón (Mezcalero), cooked underground, indigenous yeast fermentation, double distilled in Alembic copper pot.

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Product description

Description: Legendario Domingo mezcal was founded in 2012 by Julian Saenger, born and raised in Mexico. Domingo Mezcal's highlights different mezcal producing regions of Mexico. Demonstrating exemplary distillation tradition from each region and emphasizing the differences in terroir. Purposefully emphasizing each region by accenting the terroir and capturing the varietal difference between agave and region. This mezcal is sourced from the Guerrero region of Mexico by the Mezcalero, Familia Obregón. Cooked underground with a mix of indigenous woods and covered with river stones. Indigenous yeast fermentation that is double-distilled in Alembic copper pot. The aromas exhibit a soft fruity character without the smoke. The palate reveals a super-smooth texture without the heat. This mezcal is not overly smokey on the palate and has a nice soft mineral tone with hints of herb, artichoke, and wood. Touch of white pepper and green chiles on the finish.

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