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Strength: 45% ABV (90 proof). Mash Bill: 70% Corn, 21% Wheat, 9% Six Row Barley. Notes: Minimum of 4 years in New American Oak barrels, Recently (2022) purchased by Bardstown Bourbon Company.

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Product description

Description: Green River Straight Bourbon is crafted on the historic Green River campus in Owensboro, Kentucky. Over its storied past, numerous brands have been made there, including Ezra Brooks, Mellow Corn, Medley Brothers, Old Medley, Five Brothers, and Kentucky Beau. Originally founded in 1885, Green River (DSP-KY-10) is the 10th oldest distillery in Kentucky. Prior to prohibition, Owensboro, Ky. was one of the richest contributors to the bourbon industry with more than 20 distilleries. Green River, known as "the Whiskey Without Regrets," was the official medicinal whiskey of the U.S. Marine Hospital and has been referenced as the most expensive whiskey ever sold - 20 barrels were once traded for an interest in a Colorado gold mine. Fire and prohibition relegated the brand to history. From the ashes in 2016, the distillery revival laid down their first barrels.

Bourbon Definition: The rules of Straight Bourbon: It must be made with a grain mixture (known as a mash bill) that is a minimum of 51% corn; aged a minimum of two years in charred new oak ( if it is older than 2 years, but younger than 4 years, it must contain an age statement reflecting the youngest bourbon in the bottle). Finally, straight bourbon must be bottled at a minimum of 40% alcohol (80 proof) and contain no added coloring or flavors.

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