Bolgheri Sassicaia 2021 Tenuta San Guido 750ml

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Region: Italy> Tuscany> Bolgheri> Sassicaia DOCG.

Description: In the 1920's Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta dreamed of creating a ‘thoroughbred’ wine for all the aristocracts of the time, the ideal was Bordeaux. This is how he described it in a letter to the esteemed wine critic, Luigi Veronelli dated 11 June 1974:

“…the origins of my experiment date back to the years between 1921 and 1925 when, as a student in Pisa and often a guest of the Salviati Dukes in Migliarino, I drank a wine produced from one of their vineyards…which had the same unmistakable “bouquet” as an aged Bordeaux….” This experiment was about finding the right soil, elevation, and sun exposure to make wines similar to Bordeaux. After years of research and development, in 1968 the first Super-Tuscan was born. Still family-owned with the direction of Nicolo Incisa della Rocchetta and current production manager, Carlo Paoli.

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