Rose Bardolino Chiaretto 2023 Azienda Cavalchina 750ml

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Product description

Grapes: 60% Corvina, 35% Rondinella, 5% Molinara.
Region: Italy> Veneto> Bardolino -Chiaretto.
Notes: Stainless steel, no malolactic fermentation.

Description: Cavalchina's family lives in the tiny village of Custoza. The family has deep roots and single-handedly created the Custoza appellation in the 1970s. However, their history goes back even further. It was Franco’s grandfather Luciano that planted the first vineyards and started making wine in 1948 after World War II. Lake Garda and the surrounding hills were cut by receding glaciers after the ice age, and the resulting morainic soils are excellent for the cultivation of grapes. In fact, it was the Hapsburgs' who ruled this area prior to the unification of Italy that classified it as top notch land for vineyards.

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