Amarone della Valpolicella 2017 Novaia "Classico" 750ml

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Grapes: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella. Region: Italy> Veneto> Valpolicella> Marano Valley. Notes: Certified Organic, native yeast, very low sulfur added, aged 2 years in large oak.

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Product description

Description: Marcello Vaona is leading his 4th generation family estate into the future. He's introduced organic viticulture in 2011 and had the estate certified in 2014. In the higher altitude reaches of the region (250-400m), the soils are a mixture of calcareous clay as well as volcanic. Part of Marcello's plan is to return to tradition by training new plantings using pergolas. This allows for greater air movement in the vines, more shading of the bunches from the sun rays which slow down the ripening process that result in greater vibrancy in the wines.

Food pairing: Cheese (aged, creamy, strong flavored, gouda, parmesan, etc.), Meats (braised, grilled, and stewed with spices)osso bucco, pesto, risotto, short ribs, boar, venison, etc.

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