A E DOR Cognac XO Vieille Fine Champagne 750ml (80 Proof)

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Strength: 40% ABV (80 PROOF). Grapes: 100% Ugni Blanc (blend of 60% Grande Champagne and 40% Petite Champagne). Age of Spirit: 25 years (legal minimum for XO is 6.5 years).

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Product description

Established in 1858 by Amedee-Edouard DOR, scion of an old Cognac family. Located in the heart of Jarnac, A.E.Dor still enjoys a reputation built on a crusading passion to source and produce the very best Cognacs that the region has to offer. Enjoying the benefits of being a producer as well as a negociant, the art of blending forms the foundation of the house's quest to produce a range of Cognacs that truly express the character and essence of the Cognac region. After selecting the best grapes and ageing in oak casks, free from blending and mixing. Once Amedee felt they had reached optimum maturity in their oak barrels, Amédée decanted the Cognacs into wax sealed glass demijohns so that future generations could enjoy and experience his lifelong work. Today, many of these precious vessels remain intact and untouched, quietly resting in The Paradis, which has remained unchanged for over 200 years and now forms the very heart and soul of the modern A.E.Dor collection. A.E. Dor has the largest humid cellar of wax-sealed Eau de Vie in demijohns. Grande and Petit Champagne give this remarkable XO its finesse and character. Aged for a minimum of 25 years in both dry and humid cellars, this is a Cognac of exceptional depth and character. After a few minutes in the glass it opens up, revealing earthy notes like autumn leaves and damp forest. The palate becomes more complex over time, with layers of fruit and oak interacting to produce a wide range of flavors. Perfumed wood sits alongside dried and fresh fruit, with gentle spice (nutmeg, cinnamon and dried ginger) complemented by sharper clove notes. Rich earthiness sits underneath everything, as a counterpoint to the sweetness of the fruit.

Cognac: French Cognac law requires all X.O. Cognac to be aged a minimum of 6.5 years. A.E. DOR X.O. Cognac is aged 25 years. Aged longer than many if not all X.O. in the market.

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