A E DOR Cognac XO Vieille Fine Champagne 750ml (80 Proof)

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Strength: 40% ABV (80 PROOF). Ugni Blanc Vineyards: 60% Grande Champagne and 40% Petite Champagne. Age of Spirit: 25 years (legal minimum for XO is 6.5 years.

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Product description

Established in 1858 by Amedee-Edouard DOR, scion of an old Cognac family. After more than 70 years of selecting the best grapes and ageing in oak casks, free from blending and mixing, A.E. DOR has the largest humid cellar of wax-sealed Eau de Vie. This mellow Fine Champagne Cognac reveals flowery tones as honey, vanilla and cinnamon emerge as the extended wood aging begins to assert itself. With its deep, multi-faceted aromas and its well-rounded maturity, this is a Cognac to savor long into the night. The mellowness is accentuated by aging in a humid cellar, where the evaporation takes place more gently and slowly, resulting in a generous, less aggressive spirit.


Cognac: French Cognac law requires all X.O. Cognac to be aged a minimum of 6.5 years. A.E. DOR X.O. Cognac is aged 25 years. Aged longer than many if not all X.O. in the market.

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