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Grape: Petite Arvine. Region: Northern Italy> Vallee D'Aoste. Notes: Sustainable farming. No pesticides or herbicides.

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Description: Gold in color with aromas of honey and ripe fruit, mountain flora with mineral, earthy mushroom and smoky undertones. Supple texture and refreshing acidity. Petite Arvine is a grape varietal originally from Switzerland.

Elio Ottin is the soulful, passionate winemaker of a 4 hectare estate in the Alps, overlooking the town of Aosta between the villages of St Christophe and Quart.
The dry climate of the valley, and particularly of Aosta, an area subject to drought, is ideal to guarantee the perfect ripening of grapes and the balance of all the components in the wine. The vineyard has a south facing exposure, and the mountain temperature is ideal for viticulture. This is truly 'viticoltura de montagna' (Mountain Viticulture). Most of the work is still done by hand due to the rocky formation of the hills. No pesticides or herbicides are used.

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