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Region: Spain> Cataluna> Monstant. Grapes: 45% Carignan, 35% Syrah, 20% Grenache. Notes: Organic, Indigenous yeast. Aged 18- 20 months wood vats.

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Description: Husband and wife team Sara Pérez and René Barbier (Fils) are the children of two of the great pioneers of the Priorat D.O., Josep Lluis Pérez of Mas Martinet and René Barbier of Clos Mogador. Sara and René are both very well respected vignerons in their own right, so it seemed natural that they should start a project together. For this project, they decided to stake their claim not in Priorato, but in the slightly sleepier D.O. of Monsant.

René and Sara have taken the goddess "Venus" as their inspiration for this project. One of their stated goals is “to interpret femininity through a bottle of wine”. This might seem an odd choice for a bodega that elaborates Grenache- and Carignan-based wines in Southern Cataluña, but it makes sense once you taste the wine. These are incredibly elegant, refined, sensual expressions of Montsant, with restrained alcohol levels and tremendous texture.

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