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Grape: 100% Rebula (Ribolla-Gialla). Region: Slovenia> Goriska Brda. Notes: Organic, extended skin contact, no sulfer added, vegan-friendly, unfined, unfiltered.

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Description: Located in Snežatno, in the Goriška Brda zone of Slovenia, near the border of Italy, The Štekar Winery is known for producing red and white wines made in the traditional manner, with extended skin contact and little or no Sulfur added. The extended skin contact makes this unctuous and deep layered-flavors quaff an orange wine, referring to its darker-than-white color.

“In the wine cellar we follow our idea of natural wine where nature has been left to take its course. Wine is produced without additives, chemistry and invasive technologies. We like to explore the rich local winemaking tradition made of long macerations and spontaneous fermentations with indigenous yeasts and at the same time seek new challenges. But above all we try to pursue our goal that is to produce genuine wine that inspires emotions, tells about our land and about us.” - Jure Stekar.

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