New Hours of Operation


All customers entering THE WINERY must wear some form of mask around the nose and mouth. As we try to protect you and our employees, we ask you to comply with our request.


IN-STORE (12pm to 8pm*)

THE WINERY is open to the public to shop inside our store Tuesday thru Sunday. Please expect to wait in line as the maximum capacity during the COVID19 outbreak is 4 to 5 customers at a time (we ask friends and children to remain outside). Please take a look at our website, in advance to help speed up your search. THE WINERY ask all customer to wear some form of mask to cover nose and mouth when entering the store.

* Please know times are subject to change or pause as we give priority to webstore** pre-orders, telephone pre-orders, and restocking due to depletion of stock.

* * If you are a VIP reward customer using the webstore for the first time. You must setup your new account with the exact same email we have on file in our store. This will connect your new web account with your in-store account, which will allow you to receive your 10% discount on the web.


CUSTOMER PICK-UP (12pm to 8pm)

If you order online or by phone (212) 222-4866, once we call or email you directly saying, "Your wine is ready for pick-up". You can come directly to the door for entry (no waiting in line). Tell the staff you received a call or second email specifically saying, "Your wine is ready for pick-up". Please have a photo I.D. available in order for us to release the order.

**Please note due to internet traffic there will be times of the day the orders will take longer to download into our system. Therefore do not come to the store until we contact you directly saying "YOUR PICK-UP IS READY".


CUSTOMER DELIVERIES (12:30pm to 7:30pm)

THE WINERY will do our best to get your delivery out early and often. However due to demand, there will be NO TIME SENSITIVE DELIVERIES. Most if not all deliveries will be completed SAME DAY. If you place a web order after 7pm, don't expect same day delivery. Get your orders in early!!

**Please note due to internet traffic there will be times of the day the order will take longer to download into our system.



THE WINERY will ship wine to any State in the U.S.A. that will allow wine shipments to be delivered. Just go online, and place your order and THE WINERY will make it happen. Please note that liquors are not available for UPS/FedEx shipping.


We sincerely thank you for your understanding doing this difficult time due to COVID-19.