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Grape: 100% Syrah. Region: France> Rhone Valley> Northern Rhone> Saint Joseph > Bogy. Notes: Biodynamic. Organic Farming, Hand harvested, 20 days open vat fermentation, 12 months old French oak, minimal sulfites, unfined, unfiltered, vegan-friendl

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Description: Winemaker Jean Delobre calls his vineyard his “big garden,” an homage to poycultural farming. (This is the practice of growing many different florae together, mimicking how they would be wild in nature). Indeed in this high hilltop vineyard in Bogy, Saint Joseph, the familiar image of neat rows of vines carefully manicured will not be seen—instead interspersed are varieties of grasses, wild flowers, iris and his renown fruit trees. Preserving the harmony of nature is the top priority. The winery is in a barn on the property and every step of the winemaking is carefully arranged to alter nature as little as possible. The result is a wine deep in character and flavors but very different from your typical Saint Joseph.
Food pairing: Grilled or roast red meats, duck, savory pies, cooked vegetables, etc.

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