Roussette de Savoie Altesse 2018 Charles Gonnet 750ml

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Grape: Altesse. Region: France> Savoie. Notes: Sustainable farming.

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Description: Charles Gonnet holds about 13ha in the Savoie Region in the heart of French Alps, where wine has been produced for generations. The origins of the Altesse grape are traced back to the Furmint varietal from Hungary (famous for making Tokaji). The appellation “Rousette de Savoie” must be 100% Altesse. This is a true Alpine style of wine that is crisp and terroir-driven, with medium body and no influence of oak. The nose is beautifully aromatic with floral, herbal, with baked apple and ripe stone fruit. It is clean and refreshing with the tiniest touch of sweetness from fruitiness (not from sugar.) This is truly an exotic wine that will keep you intrigued up until the last drop.

Food Pairing: Cheese fondue, shrimp bisque, grilled swordfish, etc.

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