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Grape: 100% Viura (Macabeo). Region: Spain> Rioja> Haro. Notes: Monopole is the oldest white wine brand in Spain, established in 1915.

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Description: From the early 20th century to the 70s, Monopole was a staple of homes and restaurants across Spain. It was one of CVNE’s main wines. Sadly, fashion turned against it, sales fell, and production in this style ceased in the 80s. Recently, CVNE discovered a solitary bottle from 1979 and realized they should go back in time. CVNE called Ezequiel Garcia, CVNE winemaker from the 40s until the 70s, to invite him back to help them produce that wine again. Ezequiel, aka ‘the wizard’ and now in his eighties, had no doubts and said "Yes" straight away.

Monopole Classico is the story of a remake, this time with the original director as the guest star. This time, handmade and in small quantities, to best ignore the whims of fashion.

The wines’ ageing contributes to its peculiar organoleptic characteristics, adding aromas of chamomile, dried fruits, and a long and persistent aftertaste. The marked acidity increases Monopole's freshness.

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