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Strength: 46% ABV (92 Proof). Mash Bill: Corn and Rye. Notes: MGP Distillery, Indiana; Limited Availability; NO DISCOUNTS.

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Description: High West Distillery is located in Park City, Utah - the first legal distillery in Utah since 1870. Bourye is a blend of straight bourbon and rye whiskeys aged a minimum of 10 years. Not chill-filtered or carbon treated, the whiskeys are aged in new, charred white American oak barrels.



Bourbon Definition: The rules of Straight Bourbon: It must be made with a grain mixture (known as a mash bill) that is a minimum of 51% corn; aged a minimum of two years in charred new American oak ( if it is older than 2 years, but younger than 4 years, it must contain an age statement reflecting the youngest bourbon in the bottle). Finally, straight bourbon must be bottled at a minimum of 40% alcohol (80 proof) and contain no added color or flavors.

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