Getariako Txakolina Rose 2022 Bodega Rezabal 750ml

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Grape: 100% Hondarrabi Beltza. Region: Spain> Basque> Getariako> Zarautz. Notes: Sustainable farming.

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Product description

Description: Txakoli Rezabal winery located in Zarautz and belonging to PDO “Getariako Txakolina”, features the latest technology but still rooted in tradition. In short, the tradition of centuries preserves the characteristics of the product, and the technology is enhancing quality, in order to extract maximum wealth to these privileged grapes that have survived over time. In the best slopes of Zarautz, Getaria and Aia, caressed by the sea breeze, the vineyards breathe nitrates and they feed bu a humid soil that exudes fertility, power of quality and uniqueness of their Txakolis. With an area of ​​24ha. in a traditional high trellis system, there are two native varieties that define their Txakoli, Hondarrabi-Zuri and Hondarrabi-beltza.

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