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Ingredients: Woodruff flowers, Strawberries, and young wine.

New York, Finger Lakes
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Product description

Description: May Wine has been used to celebrate the coming of spring in Germany for centuries. Brotherhood Winery has continued the tradition by blending a natural grape wine with woodruff flower and real strawberry juice, creating a delicious and refreshing May wine. Enjoy it over ice, on fruit, or just chilled in a glass.

In 1810, a French Huguenot emigre named Jean Jaques purchased land in New York's bucolic Hudson Valley and began planting grapes. The edition of Jesse and Edward Emerson, two New York City wine merchants, to the ownership structure minted an organization called The Brotherhood of New Life - an experiment in utopian communal living in the Hudson Valley. Today the winery still bears Breotherhood as its name, and claims to be the oldest Winery in America.

During Prohibition a new owner purchased the vineyard to make sacramental wine, which for some reason corresponded with a very sizable uptick in religious observance, *gulp*.

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