Anjou Chenin Blanc 2019 Chateau De La Roulerie “Les Grandes Brosses” 750ml

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Grape: 100% Chenin Blanc. Region: France> Loire Valley> Anjou. Notes: Certified organic, vegan friendly, 2 to 4 years on lees.

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Description: Philippe Germain doesn't believe in high alcohol for Chenin Blanc, trying to stay around 13% ABV works best. Manual harvesting and picking in lots based on the level of ripeness helps manage the acid and alcohol level. Philippe has moved away from barriques (small barrels) and now only ferments in stainless steel or large wooden vats, without malolactic fermentation. This reflects Philippe's philosophy that he "doesn't use oak for the oak" -- he is not looking to mark the wine with wood characteristics. Philippe believe top quality Chenin Blanc simply doesn't need or benefit from oak treatment. The wine displays light yellow gold color with lovely aromas of ripe stone fruit (mangos and apricots). The palate reveals a round, medium weight with bright acidity that builds toward the finish. Mid-palate and finish shows candied lemon character with hints of apricot and mango while staying dry.

Food pairings: Blue cheese, foie gras, pate, apricots, curries, Indian cuisine, chutneys, roasted pork w/ fruit, spicy seafood, spicy Asian cuisine, etc.

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