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Spirit Style: Amaro Strength: 29% AbV (58 proof). Region: Italy> Veneto> Bassana Del Grappa. Notes: Bitter orange, gentian root, peppermint, and other native herbs.

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Product description

Description: In 1779, Bortolo Nardini opened a distillery in Bassano del Grappa for his Grappa production. As the distillery was handed down from father to son, each generation continued to add high-quality products to their portfolio. Amaro Nardini was created witgh an infusion of grain neutral spirit, bitter oranges, and a mix of peppermint, yellow gentian, and other roots from the Alpine foothills. This amaro is a smooth digestive with a distinct licorice aftertaste. Layer with expresso-like characteristics, herbs, and bitter dark chocolate. Amaro can be served straight, chilled, on the rocks, or as a mixed cocktail.

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