Vinho Verde Rose NV Casal Garcia

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Light-bodied, balanced, crisp.Grape: Vinhao, Red Azal, and Borracal. Region: Portugal> Vinho Verde. Notes: Medium+ acidity, Effervescent, non-vintage bottled in May 2016. The Rosé, relatively low in alcohol at 10.5%, is a blend of three grapes you may never heard of before: Vinhão, Azal and Borracal. Don't let that scare you though. It has a deep pink color with a strong and fruity nose. On the palate, there are prominent flavors of lush strawberry and raspberry and it also has a light effervescence to it, which is refreshing and helps to cleanse your palate. The wine is primarily dry, with only the mildest hint of sweetness, and good acidity. Though it is a relatively simple wine, it is quite tasty and fun. Food pairing:. Grilled food, charcuterie, seafood, chicken, Asian food.
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