First Time?




Please click the Shipping/Returns tab for shipping and other information before you make the first order with us. As always, you must be at least 21 years of age to purchase and receive wines. All delivery and shipping require an adult signature with valid photo ID. Due to the regulations, we currently can not accept wine orders for shipment to the following states: Massachusetts, New Hampshire. Please contact FedEx and/or UPS for updates on this restriction.




If you are already our store customer and have an account with us, we suggest to use the same email address for online registry. This will keep both, online and store orders in one account. However, your online purchase history and in-store purchase history are recorded and stored separately. Your online order history can be reviewed only by logging into your online account, while the in-store order history can be reviewed anytime at the store.  Please feel free to contact us should you need to check your existing account info, or need to consolidate multiple accounts.




$50 minimum purchase for $5 local delivery (please click Shipping/Returns tab for local area of operation). If the local delivery is time sensitive (within a few hours of purchase) please call the store to place the order directly with a sales person. Please click the Shipping/Returns tab for more info.