Sweet Dessert Wines

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Les Petits Grains NV Muscat de Saint Jean de Minervois 375ml

Grape: Muscat Blanc a Petit Grains.
Region: France> Languedoc> Minervos.

It begins with aromas of apricot, peach, and honey plus orange and some other citrus notes. Quite simply this wine smells delicious. The wonderful aroma is the first sign that you

Sauternes 1er Cru 2010 Clos Haut - Peyraguey 375ml

Grapes: 95% Semillon, 5% Sauvignon Blanc.
Region: France> Sauternes> Bommes

Description: The Sauternes of the insiders... The vineyard of Clos Haut-Peyraguey, nestled at the highest point of the plateau of Bommes in Sauternes region is at the heart of th

Jura Macvin Blanc 375ml NV Chateau d’Arlay 750ml

Grape: 50% Chardonnay, 50% Savagnin.
Region: France> Jura.
Notes: 2/3 fresh grape must in blended with 1/3 brandy to create a fortified wine. Aged 7 years in cask, 3 years in neutral barrel. Notes of prune, nuts, cooked oranges, and flor yeast prevail wi

Madeira 3 Year Old Reserve Justino’s Broadbent 750ml

Region: Portugal> Douro.
Grape: Tinta Negra Mole.
Notes: Fine, Rich/Sweet.

Madeira is a fortified wine, who’s name derives from the island of Madeira, a Portuguese-owned archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. Madeira’s unique taste comes from repeatedly heat

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Pedro Ximenez Alvear “Solera 1927” 375ml

Grape: 100% Pedro Ximenez.
Region: Spain> Andalusia> Montilla-Moriles.
Note: Solera aging.

History: Alvear founded in 1729, one of the most prestigious wineries with international recognition from Andalusia. Pedro Ximenez is indigenous to the land and

Jerez Cream Sherry NV Emilio Lustau “Capataz Andres” 750ml

Grapes: Palomino Fino, sweetened with Pedro Ximénez.
Region: Spain> Jerez
Notes: Created within the traditional Solera system.

A blend of Oloroso-style Sherry and Pedro Ximenez must, Cream Sherry doesn't have any dairy in it, but it is sweet and dark.

Marsala Secco 750ml Curatolo Arini 750ml

Grape: Sicilian Blend.
Region: Italy> Sicily.
Notes: Used as an aperitif or for cooking.

The Curatolo Arini family produces Marsala wines since 1875. This noble wine is made from a selected blend of sicilian white grapes grown in the western part of Sici

Amontillado Sherry NV Bodegas Alvear

Grapes: 100% Pedro Ximenez.
Region:Spain> Montilla-Moriles.
Notes: Medium-Dry (Amontillado), Nutty

Aromas of spiced orange, almond, and caramelized pecans, the Amontillado Sherry is made from an excellent Fino Sherry, then unde

Porto Tawny Ferreira 750ml

Grapes: Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barroca, Tinto Cao, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Amarela.
Region: Portugal> Douro

Description: Luis Sottomayor is the current winemaker at this old-world winery founded in 1751. The vineyards are spread around the upper and lower Co

Porto Ruby NV Quinta Do Noval “Black” 750ml

Grape: Touriga Nacional Blend
Region: Portugal> Douro> Pinhao Valley.

Description: Steep terraced vineyards of Quinta do Noval are among the most impressive vineyards in the port region. The Noval Black is a young port made from estate grapes in their cl

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Porto Old Tawny 10yr Dow’s 750ml

Grapes: Touriga Nacional and other indigenous grapes of Portugal.
Region: Portugal> Douro.

Notes of almond, carmelized pecan, currants, and fig come to mind with a hint of spice. Tawny ports are the ultimate expression of the winemaker and blender. The b

Porto LBV 2008/12 Royal Oporto 750ml

Region: Portugal> Douro.
Grapes: Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Tinto Cao, Tinta Barroca, Touriga Francesa.
Note: Late Bottle Vintage (LBV)

With a style derived from the Vintage, the Late Bottle Vintages are Ports of excellent quality produced in good ye

Samos Sweet Muscat 2008 Samos “Anthemis” 500ML

Grape: 100% Muscat
Region: Greece> Samos Island.
Notes: Matured 5yrs in oak.

Slowly yet steadily, Anthemis has become one of the most important wines of the Union as more and more people discover this hidden treasure. This is a classic mistelle which has

Niagara Vidal Ice Wine Reserve 2014 Jackson Triggs 187ml

Region: Niagara, Canada.
Grape: Vidal Blanc

Grapes are left on the vines until winter chill covers then with ice, thus the name. Then, the grapes are pressed while frozen to get a super concentrated juice. The result is very aromatic rich wine. This ric

Tokaji Cuvee Late Harvest 2007 Tokaj Classic 500ml

Grape: 60%Furmint, 35% Lime-leaf, 5% Muscat
Region: Hungary> Tokaj-Hegyalja.

Known as the king of dessert wines, this rich, sweet wine was made from selected Botrytised (noble rot) grapes, harvested from 30 years old vines at grand cru vineyards that ar

Moldova Dessert Red Wine NV Asconi Old Tavern 750ml

Grapes:100% Isabella
Region: Eastern Europe> Moldova

Semi-sweet red wine made of Isabella grape, grown in Taraclia, Moldova. Nose of cherry jam, blackberry, leather, cigar box and vanilla. Medium brick color with orange rim and light, delicate taste of s

Alicante Moscatell NV Mistela “Vall de Xalo” 500ml

Grape: Muscat.
Region: Spain. Valencia> Alicante.
Notes: No Oak.

The half-century old cooperative society in the village of Jalon- (Xalo) has re-energized the history of the grape production. Musdcat has been cultivated on these lands by Muslim farmers

Coteaux du Layon-St. Aubin “Les Clos” Moelleux 2011 Philippe Delesvaux 500ml

Grape: 100% Chenin Blanc.
Region: France> Loire Valley> Coteaux du Layon- St. Aubin> Les Clos.
Notes: Organic. Botrytis (Noble rot). No oak.

All made in tank. This is a 50:50 of noble rot and late harvest grapes from Clos de la Guiberderie and Clos du P

Vino di Visciole NV Velenosi “Querciantica Visciole” 500ml

Fruity, full-body dessert wine
Grape: Lacrima, Visciola Cherry.
Region: Italy> Marche> San Marcello.
Notes: Organic

The visciole cherry, an ancient variety of wild, dark red sour cherry grown in Italy’s Marche region, gives Velenosi’s Querciantica V
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